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In addition to the areas of law detailed above, we are ready to assist you in other areas, depending on your specific requirements and needs. We lend support to our clients’ public procurement process - we help them draft and submit their bids or assist them in evaluating bids, in revision procedures to executing public procurement contracts and their amendments. Our team has also practical experience in advising on the use of European Union structural funds, state aid and assessing regulation for the rail transport sector. We also have experience with representing and providing legal assistance to clients in proceedings before the European Commision under the TFEU. Another area which is gaining popularity nowadays is waste management; we represents manufacturers of special products (as per as the Waste Act) and the organisation representing manufacturers, therefore we are able to provide comprehensive legal advice in this area. We also advise on energy projects, production and distribution of energy, alternative and renewable sources. Lastly, we are ready to assist you regarding miscellaneous other topics you encounter on a daily basis, such as the need to evaluate compliance with generally binding legal regulations in various areas of your operations, efficient corporate governance rules, legal education, etc. We also help third sector clients, from setting up miscellaneous legal entities operating as NPOs to legal assistance with the challenges they face daily.  



  • public procurement
  • European Union structural funds
  • state aid, regulation in the rail transport sector
  • infrastructure projects
  • waste management
  • energy
  • compliance and AML
  • Register of Puplic Sector Partners
  • liability of legal entities
  • offshores
  • charities, non-profit organisations and civic associations


Responsible Lawyers


Mgr. Peter Neštepný

Attorney & Partner


+421 907 891 846

Mgr. Vladimír Kordoš, LL.M.

Attorney & Partner


+ 421 905 838 337

JUDr. Michal Hulena

Attorney & Partner


+ 421 903 130 004



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