Litigation and Bankruptcy

We represent our clients in litigations before general courts, including the Slovak Supreme Court, and there have been many occasions when we defended our clients’ fundamental human rights and freedoms before the Slovak Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. In addition, we represent our clients in arbitrations, both Slovak and international, and one of our senior partners is a registered arbitrator of the arbitration court of the Slovak Bar Association. Our clients often use our services to be represented as lenders in bankruptcies and restructuring, but also when they wish to purchase assets or a business that can no longer meet its financial obligations. Lastly, we are ready to represent our clients in administrative proceedings, in case they face investigations by state agencies for breach of statutory obligations – this may involve investigations by miscellaneous agencies, such as the Slovak Trade Inspection, Labour Inspection, customs or building authorities.


  • litigations, damages claims, title disputes
  • local and international arbitrations
  • bankruptcy and restructuring
  • acquisitions in scope of bankruptcy and restructuring
  • collection of receivables
  • labour and commercial disputes


  • representing a client in a dispute regarding title to land and buildings (manufacturing plant) of a thermal insulation manufacturer in Nitra
  • representing a client in a dispute regarding determination whether the client (manufacturing plant) was obliged to apply for a permit required for special mineral oils traders
  • representing a supplier in a dispute regarding product defects (failure to supply required quality), involving potential cancellation of order for the supply of a certain equipment part of an entire industrial park, and obligation to provide for redress and pay damages
  • representing employers in disputes regarding invalid employment termination, by notice or termination with immediate effect
  • representing a corporation in a claim made against the statutory representative regarding payment of damages due to director’s misconduct
  • representing clients in filing their damages claims due to defective supplies and legal assistance in addressing client’s claims (defective performance, liability, etc.)
  • representing facility managers of residential buildings in collection of debts owed by owners of flats and non-residential premises on behalf of other owners
  • representing a major global manufacturer and supplier of kitchen appliances in debt collection


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Mgr. Vladimír Kordoš, LL.M.

Attorney & Partner

+ 421 905 838 337

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