Stentors: First Anniversary Event and Networking Evening

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On Thursday, May 30, 2019, took place in our office networking evening associated with wine tasting of ELESKO winery to commemorate one year of our presence on the market with the participation of our clients and business partners.


We shared an insight into business advocacy with the participants, Michal Hulena presented our visions and a cross-section of our annual activities. We welcomed the famous Slovak basketball player Radoslav Rančík, who, as a great motivator and experienced sportsman, talked about how much the world of sport and business are connected and why it’s important to be a good team player in both spheres of sport and professionalism. On the contrary, Peter Neštepný drew attention to the narrow boundaries of spending free time with colleagues and undesirable situations that can easily occur and how to prevent them.


Vladimír Kordoš, partner of the Stentors law firm: “We’d like to thank all of our clients as we are a proud partner of their business and in participating in the event, but mainly for the trust they instill within us. To the first anniversary, I wish us, Stentors, the success in legal practice and the fulfillment of the vision and goals we have set.

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